Grief can blur our vision in more ways than one. While in mourning, it's very easy to purchase a memorial without considering several important factors.

Like shopping for any long-term product or service, great thought must be given to a memorial purchase.

What follows is a brief list of the most important factors to consider while choosing a loved one's monument.

1.) Cemetery regulations:

Cemetery regulations governing the size of monuments will affect what type of memorial you can purchase. Thanks to Milton Monument's long-standing relationships with cemeteries throughout Massachusetts, we're already familiar with many cemetery standards.


2.) Design:

From lettering and weather-proof etching to symbolic ornamentation and sculpture, Milton Monument offers hundreds of fonts, sculpture types and a broad range of symbols. In addition to religious, flowery and fraternal symbols, we can custom-design the symbol or photo of your choice.


3.) Permanence:

Milton Monument uses the finest granite from Barre, Vermont, which will withstand the elements and time.


4.) Price:

Milton Monument offers top quality memorials and service at very affordable prices. After visiting Milton Monument, we encourage customers to shop elsewhere before making one final trip to Milton Monument. More often than not, we will beat any competitor's price.

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