At Milton Monument, we realize that the terrible void left by the loss of a loved one can never be filled. Memories of her lilting laugh or his rib-cracking bear hugs are all that we have left. But as the pain becomes more bearable, the need for a tangible memorial arises.

The need to remember loved ones with permanent memorials is a primitive one, dating back to Neanderthal communities in Europe and Asia more than 50,000 years ago. Today, in garden-like cemeteries, we place granite headstones, granite markers or bronze markers to honor our family members.

Milton Monument can help you meet this need, compassionately and affordably. We offer hundreds of typefaces and designs that can be carved, sculpted or etched into granite. We can also customize your memorial, from etching a loved one's likeness to reproducing a favorite flower, pet, car, family home or past-time.

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