At Milton Monument, our hallmark is relationship-building. We understand that choosing a monument, whether a cemetery headstone or a civic memorial, is a very personal, difficult decision.

A monument is a permanent testimonial of love and gratitude, and to properly capture your feelings, we focus on you. It's important to understand your needs and circumstances, so we sit down and talk.

Some seeking a personal memorial wish to buy right away. For others, it takes time. We understand that grief is like a snowflake: Each person's sense of loss is unique, and no one mourns in the same way or in the same time frame. We're here to help you find what best works for you, if and only when you're ready.

Those searching for a civic memorial may already have an idea in mind, and simply want someone to execute a design. Others might not have a firm plan, so our designers will work with them to ensure that they purchase an elegant public memorial that will stand the test of time.

We encourage you to visit other monument companies, but before you buy, we ask that you visit us for a free discussion and quote. You'll see that none can match our compassionate service, quality and low prices.

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